A 2-3 page analytical report on a topic related to human geography.

Compare a county (or state, country) with the lowest divorce rate (or graduation rate, birth rate, etc.) with the one having the highest. (example: Within a particular state, county A has the highest divorce rate and county B has the lowest. Is this due to spatial variation in incomes, age at marriage, religious traits, etc.?)

Guidelines for Comparative Report
Human Geography

Please research and write a 2-3 page analytical report on a topic related to human geography. Select as your topic a specific human phenomenon having spatial variation and compare its presence between two equivalent geographic units (state, country, etc.). The report is worth 50 points out of 800 in the class.

The report will have two parts to it. The first part will be a description of how the phenomenon is different or similar in the two places. The second part will be an analysis, in which you offer one or more plausible explanations for why this difference or similarity exists. In this class we have learned to ask where and why about many things. Your analysis should reflect your learning in the course: It is very unlikely that there will be a single right answer. Your answer will be graded on the quality of your analysis.

Please follow these guidelines:

Composition: Submit your work as a Microsoft Word (.doc) file or a text file (.txt or .rtf). Other kinds of files may be unreadable and wonat be gradable.

Submission: Please submit your report via the appropriate drop-box in Unit 14 by the deadline).

Title: Give your report a title.

Font: 12-point font

Spacing: Double-space

Length: More than one page of text, but not more than three.

References: At the end of the report have an additional page listing at least three sources you consulted to research this topic. For the sake of your own experience, I would prefer you use at least one non-Internet source, but this is not mandatory.

To help you better understand the nature of the assignment, here are some sample topics: