A 2 page prospectus reasearch paper on witnessing domestic violence :gender flexibility and the problem of adaption to trauma

I need a 2 page prospectus reasearch paper. on the subject of. Witnessing domestic violence :gender flexibility and the problem of adaption to trauma.by Catina Anne Galloway.
my directions are as follows:

1) slect subject
2) put your idea into categories
3)select your category
4)narrow it down to a topic
5)place your thesis around the categories
6)the purpose of the thesis and the research paper is that your point is valid and it deserves serious consideration
7)direction of argument -implies or states order in which ideas are presented
8)focused specific language that is interesting and shows a clear voice and style
9)write a thesis as a declaritive sentence and be open to revision

Instructions for writing the prospectus;
1) It must be 12 point,double spaced,times new roman or clearly legible front.

2) proposed title of the research paper on top of page with your name
3)Thesis statement:should be one sentence or a few sentences.KEEP IT SHORT AND TO THE POINT.It should be placed by itself under then title with the heading.Thesis Statement:
4)Summary: 1-2 page summary of your research up to now.main information you are researching and what you are finding to back up your thesis.
5) body paragraphs should support thesis and should contain references if content is not your material or idea.
6)body should be properly cited and bibliography must have no less than seven sources
7) sources must be documented using correct MLA format.
* essay must include works cited page in the proper format(MLA or chicago)