A boook review on michael b. orens power, faith, and fantasy:america in the middle east 1776 to the present

read only chapters 1-12
writing in the third person, introduce the book in a half page. remember this is a review not a report or summary; therefore, quickly describe themes and questions the author raises; tell me why the author wrote the book and what he believes about america in the middle east.
in the body of your paper(four pages), choose a major theme you thought was important from each section and discuss. those sections are:part one:early american encounters the middle east; part two: the middle east and antebellum america; and part three: the civil war and reconstruction. for example, you could discuss the importance of the barbary wars in part one, the significance of american missionaries in part two, and attitudes towards the middle east during the civil war in part three.
finallly in a half-page conclusion, tell me if you think the book has relevance for today. does the author attempt at all to make connections between the past and the present?does the author fail or succeed or fail in what he wanted to accomplish? in this section you may write in the first person if you so choose. dont go beyond 7 pages.