A briefing paper on customer and neighbourhood services meeting the housing needs of older people

a brief summary of the national demographic context with an analysis of its implications for the housing and related support requirements of older people.

a concise summary of the main goals of the lifetime homes lietime neighbourhood strategy

a summary and analysis of your organisations current contribution(ie range of current provision and gaps/ aspects that could be further developed (that is 5 line spacing
briefing paper providing background information with sub headings good discussion

introduction and conclusion and 50% equal discusion each of the four points can guide please be followed correctly as previous report was failed due to structure not followed
audit commision(1998)home alone the role of housing in community care HMSO London.

CLG(FEB2008) Lifetimehomes Lifetime neighbours a national strategy for housing in an ageing society accessible on http:/uk/publications/housing/lifetimehomesneighbourhoods
.k-h-t.orgsupporting people strategy