A case study analysis of leadership and management in an organisation of choice

essay instructions-a case study deals with a bounded incident or situation. you need to make clear exactly what the case is and put boundaries around it to make clear where the focus lies.typically, a case study discusses a situation in which you were involved,you can be in it or not. it can be written in first or third person but must come alive to the reader. it should be kept small and manageable to fit into the word count.it is advisable to always narrow down points giving reasons in order to meet the required word limit. it is important to show that the main points of case studies are properly understood and you can devise any approach of your own provided reasons are given.good case studies give rich picture of what actually happened. for example, if you are talking about the behaviour of a leader, we need to get a real feel for it rather than a broad hint. it is ok to write the actual words that somebody used or to describe their behaviours in detail. you are trying to convey a message and help the reader get there with you. Weave the literature through rather than having it in a separate chunk. rather than using sub headings, paragraphs are more ideal. you can dispense with some of the more formal academic conventionsalthough it still needs to fulfil the marking criteria as regards analysis, synthesis, use of literature etc.make reading fun to the reader.