A case study report which is writing a company evaluation

Writie a report:
Analyse and value a company of your choice that is listed on a public stock market ( I want to write this company which is a Chinese listed company named Vanke. )

Report should include:

Investment summary (20 marks) :
Conclusion including key reasons to buy/hold/sell the companyas shares

Business description (10 marks):
aaa1. Product range
aaa2. Geographic exposure
aaa3. Customers
aaa4. Key drivers of business
Industry overview and competitive position (10 marks):
aaa1. Characteristics of industry
aaa2. Trends
aaa3. How competitive is the industry
Financial analysis (25 marks):
aaa1. Key ratios and interpretation
aaa2. Trends
aaa3. Compare financial ratios to competitors
aaa4. Forecasts for key components of balance sheet and income statement
Valuation (25 marks):
aaa1. Relative valuation against past ratios and competitors
aaa2. Intrinsic valuation
Investment risks (10 marks):
aaa1. Strategic
aaa2. Market
The above is an indication of key points to include, but the scope of the report will depend on the company you are looking and its sector.