A close reading of a short story(Final Exam in class ESSAY)

Choose one of the following questions and write a well-organized essay of at least 600 words(about 6 paragraph). I am looking to make sure that you can properly organize and structure an essay. Make sure to have a proper introductory paragraph and thesis. You must have a clear tpic sentence in each paragraph. Be sure to use logical and coherent structure. Be sure to use quotes and interpretation of quotes in your analysis, along with proper citation methods. As always, grammar counts.
Option 1:In Raymond Carvers story Cathedral,the narrater starts off as an unsympathetic character but experiences a change after meeting the blind man Robert. Why does his tranformation occur? What are some of the metaphors or themes implied by drawing the catheral, based on what we know about the narrators character and the exposition of plot? How does Carver use dialogue to establish this shift in the narrators understanding and what role does lying play in his tranformation?
Option2:In Joyce Carol Oates story Where you going , Where have you been ?the protagonist Connie is described the following way: Everything about her had two sides to it, one for home and one for anywhere that was not home…How does Connies interest in the Not homeculture of music, boys, movies, and shopping make her potentially susceptible to Amold friends predatory advances. Is there really an aspect of Connie that wants to be seduced or it this just what Arnold friend would have her believe through his insinuation?why does connie ultimately succumb to Arnold friends seduction and come out to ment him, and is this scene realistic? Why does the story feel so sinister?