A comparative study on child labour in india and pakistan

Assesment Criteria.
Have you given the background to your research?
A full explanation is given to the background to the research using the key studies within the research area.

What are your personal reasons for doing the research?

A full logical and succinct explanation is given for the topic choice.

Have you identified and critiqued the key sources? Are the sources up to date?

A minimum of 6 sources including theoretical and empirical ones (of which more than 3 are current) have been critically analysed.

Have you citied and reference them correctly?

The Harvard Referencing Style is used.

Have you justified the need for your research at the end of the literature review?

The specific ambiguities anomalies and missing knowledge withn the topic area have been identified and the need for the research justified at the end of the literature review

Have you listed 3-5 research objectives using postgraduate level verbs?

Appropriate research objective with a clear link to justification for the research, in the correct order and using postgraduate level verbs.

Have you briefly described your research perspectives?

There is a succinct understanding the 3 key perspectives  the nature of knowledge, how knowledge is gained and induction versus deduction  and how they relate to the proposed research.

Have you briefly described you research design using Bryman and Bells classification (page 38)?

Clear reasons for the choice of research design and its limitations discussed.

Have you indicated where you will specifically source your secondary data and how it will be used to help you research your research objectives?

A Clear indication is given as to how and where the secondary data is to be specifically sought the credibility of the sources discussed and a clear statement made on how this secondary data will inform the rest of the research.

Have you described your primary data collections methods and your reason for choosing them?

The primary data collection methods are described justified and the limitations recognised, with a clear indication of which research objective each will answer.

Have you approached the respondents for primary data?

Respondents have confirmed that they are willing to contribute to your research and contingencies have been put in place.

Have you described your sampling regime including type and number of samples?

The sampling regime and number of samples have been discussed and clear valid reasons given for your choices and the limitation of each.

Have you described the analytical tools you will use to analyse your data?

The way the data is to be analysed is fully but succinctly described and the means of analysis justified.

Have you discussed the limitations of your research?

The limitations within the proposed research are fully succinctly discussed in terms of validity, reliability and genralisability.

Have you indicated what you need to do to comply with the university s ethics requirements and to avoid plagiarism?

The researcher knows what to do to comply with the university s ethics requirements including which forms are required and how to avoid plagiarism.

Have you included a detailed GANTT chart?

There is detailed breakdown for each major activity within the plan.

How well written and cohesive is the proposal?

The proposal is well written with a clear structure.
Harvard style referencing