A comparison of modern group tourism in Europe and China

My proposed topic is a comparison of modern group tourism in Europe and China. Can the dissertation be written within the management category? Will the following requirement be satisfied? If not, how could it be altered to fit within the management category?
1. It MUST be quantitative and empirical.
2. The number of observations for analysis MUST exceed 100.
3. Data used in the dissertation MUST be primary(the method to obtain data could be questionnaire or survey).The raw data MUST be available (e.g. on a CD submitted with the dissertation) so that the analysis of them can be checked.
4. MUST only use data sources to which a normal student have legitimate access to.
5. A title page with a contents page and an abstract of approximately 300 words.
6. The dissertation is an academic piece of work and thus examinable material, not a consulting project. You can use data for which a company has granted you access and use this for the dissertation, but the School cannot sign confidentiality agreements or enter into other legal arrangements with third parties that restrict access to the dissertation. Again, also in this case the raw data must be accessible for examiners
7. Use 1.5 line spacing and use 10-12 size text in a standard MS font (e.g. Times, Arial, Tahoma).