A comparison of the federal reserve actions during the great depression during 1929 to 1930 and in 2008 and 2009

pick two positions from different authors represented in the texts weave considered, as well as three from outside the texts (though they might be referred to just in passing), exposit their arguments in a logical fashion, and evaluate them. In particular, you are to quote their positions concerning the matter at hand, and incorporate those quotes into your narrative of their position in a logical manner; your account of their position should be complete, and completely supported by those quotations. Note that this will require shrewd parsimony on your part as there is a small page limit on the paper. Do not assume the reader knows any of the arguments put forth, though the grader will be familiar with at least those covered in our texts.

two authors I have to use are Jeremy Attack and Peter Passell,, Jonathan Hughes and Louis P. Cain

the book titles we are using are ( American Economic History, A New Economic view of American History)