A comparitive study between the regulations of the U.S and UK on Hip Hop music

1) the structure of the work so that statements, arguments and conclusions flow coherently and logically. note:the work needs a proper structure with an appropriate introduction and conclusion. you may use subheadings to divide the work.
2)identification of the relevant legal and non legal issues and arguments
3)communication in good english with appropriate academic citations and conventions. note:the structure, spelling, punctuation and grammar are all important as is a good presentation. make sure cases are properly cited and academic referencing used.
4)critical evaluation of the relevant issues and arguments. note:this includes analysis of the question, responce to the question, evidence of original thought logical argument and appropriate examples. a critical approach should be central to your analysis. it will not be sufficent to merely provide a descriptive account of the law.
5) critical reflection on the material used and conclusions reached.
6) depth and breadth of research used. note: evidence of thorough research is very important. you should give a full bibliography, alphabetical by author, of all texts referred to even if you have not used them explicitly in your piece. use the internet for your research but do not neglect other sources.
footnotes and bibliogrpahy