A concert report that discuss the concert I give you

Concert Report:
The Concert Reports will be short essays describing and discussing a live concert that
you yourself will attend. Be sure to observe proper concert etiquette a no taking of
notes, no use of portable electronic devices, etc, while music is being played.
Concert reports will help you to develop a VOCABULARY of musical terms. The
importance of the reports is to evaluate how you critically hear and respond to pieces of
music from different periods of time. Try to describe your response in a clear and
organized way. The reports will be evaluated on the basis of both content and writing
style. Important, opinions such as -I likedor -I dislikedmay be relevant to you, but for
the purpose of this class, you should write WHY did you like it or not. How do you relate
what you heard in a concert to the content of the class. Please include in the first
paragraph information about the concert you attended and the pieces you are going to