A critical analysis by answering two given questions about one article from research method perspectives

Course Field–research methods. The assignment is one analysis of the article attached, which gonna specifically answer TWO questions form social research perspectives(Quantitative/Qualitative/Mixed research):

(1) identify the key assumptions or reasoning which underpin methodologies and methods, and explain the relationships between methodology and methods in the paper;
(2) appraise the relationships between research, theory and practice in the paper;

Essay Structure–One article(attached) is needed to be critically analyzed around the two questions above, no need of introduction and conclusion. Just two paragraphs precisely answering the two questions with 1000-1300 words. More than 10 references are required about quantitative research methods.

Related theory and books-Main textbook: Real World Research, by Colin Robson.
Statistics Without Tears, by Derek Rowntree.

Main theory: Positivism / Quantitative perspectives reasoning and methodology
Related articles: research methods/design analysis on social research area.

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