A critical analysis of a patients journey through PICU from a nursing perspective

the aim of the essay is to evaluate nursing strategies that facilitates the care of a critically ill child and family in their intensive care experience.the work should demonstrate critical evaluation and analysis.focus upon the selected pt. and the intensive care experience,followed a structured essay format, must include introduction, a focused discussion with logical lines of argument and a conclusion.Confidentiality must be maintained. The essay must introduce a patient and give rationale for your choice.An overview of the patients journey through PICU identifying key stages/events.An indepth, critical exploration and analysis of one episode in their journey, the significance and implications of analysis and the interrelationships of these to the patient.also must be able to discuss implications and provide recommendations for future practice.These are the guidelines for the summative essay:you have to select a critically ill infant,child or young person with complex healthcare needs.Identify one episode during the patients journey as the focus of this essay ,then identify the significance of this episode in the context of the entire journey. the critical evaluation must relate to the identified patient and their experience.Consideration of interprofessional working should be included as well as family centred approach.my patient is an expreterm patient from overseas,born on july 7 2009 and admitted to PICU on Dec.12,2009.HE is one of the triplet born at 26 weeks gestation.He has history of NEC with ileostomy and is ventilator dependent,has a degree og cholestatic liver dysfunction with poor ability to synthesizeclotting factors and albumin.has severe infections like BURKHOlDERIA cepacia and coagulase negative staph treated with antibiotics.he has PDA and closed surgically.he underwent laparotomy and reversal of ileostomy.prevoiusly unable to tolerate enteral feed and managed TPN via a HICKMANN line.he is ifficult to wean from the ventilator and had accidental extubations as he is very irritable and pulling everything out which at one point was an issue with the mother as he nearly arrested as is too difficult to intubate him because he has an H type fistula which was discovered accidentally when he went for bronchoscopy and decided to do the tracheostomy. this is the episode i want to do.presently he is on the weaning regime of ventilation on CPAP of 6 cms of water O2 at 23% and alternating with 4 hours swedish nose.On monogen feeds via jejunostomy tube then bolus feeds via NGT.Now he is growing with a weigt of 7.6 kilograms from 4.8kgs.