A critical analysis of adamsrill primary school single equality policy

you can find the equality policy using this link:


Essay is to be oulined as followed:

-have on outline of your chosen policy text
-background for the text in which you embed it in wider social and policy discourses
-outline of your approach to analysing the text
-analysis of the policy text

Essay Must be written in the first person using I and my. this personla voice must be supported by dicussion of the research literature

draw on a range of academic sources including books and journals

you should address the question and outline how you will do this early in the assignment

Referencing Requirements:
harvard refrencing system, double spacing and wide margins pages numbered

-Ball,s.J (1994) education reform: a critical and post-strctural approach (chapter2)
-Smith, G and Exlet S (2008) the influence of overseas examples on DES policy-making for the school system in England, (1985-1995) in: D,Phillips (Ed) comparative inquiry and educational policy making
-Bauman, Z (1996) Work, consumerism and the new poor (chapter 2)
-Gaine C and George R(1999) gender, race, and class in schooling: A new introduction (chapter 6)
-Bagilhole,B (1997) Equal opportunities and social policy
-Ball, S.J (2008_ the education debate
-bowe, r, Ball, s,j and gold, A (1992) reforming education and changing schools
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-hill, d and cole m, (2001) schooling and equality: fact, concept and policy
-wrightc, weekes d, and McGlaughlin a, (2000) race class and gender in exclusion from school

And any other books on educational policies not listed as i only have these.