Absence of Systemic Performance Appraisal

Hello my writer, I hope you doing well.

I have a presentation in class called Performance Management and Rewards it is related to Human resource Management.

I have the case study with me i will send it to you. In the case study there are few issues discussed. The issue I want you to talk about and make the slide on it it is Absence of Systemic Performance Appraisal
My presentation is only for 2 minutes so I want you to make it simple in point form to make it easy to present for me. Because I will be reading that word by word so when you write the text; do it as if you are presenting it, so i can read it ward by word.

Added on 15.04.2015 03:20
Also, In the attached case study. if you go to page 342 . you will see the issue that i will be presenting which is Absence of systemic performance appraisal . when you read the entire case study you will have an ideas in what Im talking about. if you have any question please ask me for further explanation if needed. I did choose you to do my work as i count on you. Good luck