African american femal adolescents and substance abuse

Please use headings or titles and subheadings, must use only scietific journals and articles, websites only with DOT ORG NOT DOT COM. What is considered substance abuse?
Risk Factors: peer pressure, exposure to drug environment, television programs, role models, parental involvement (Articles with studied which state that as parental involvement increases, substance use decreases.)
Issues related to adolescent substance abuse: (risk factors, affects of physical (high risk for contracting disease, developing illnesses, and mental illnesses, learning disabilities prostitution, violence and gang related activity, how are the parents affected and how is the family affected, what is the cost of treating the teenagers, runaway teens and homelessness)
Why is it important to prevent substance abuse in adolescents. (decreasing family burden, decrease prostitution among teens along with crimes in general, runaway teenagers, homelessness)
How can this be prevented (parental involvement through after school activities and programs, open communication with the teen, education on drug and its affects)
Please have bibliagrophy or citation page and cite it in APA form.