African populations in the spanish caribbean

Latin American Studies 220 Spring, 2015

Instructions for 5-page minimum essay (around 1500 words) typed, double-spaced, font size 12.

Your typed essay should have a clearly stated thesis in the introduction
Paragraphs should be clearly organized and transitions should be clear between paragraphs.
Direct quotes must have citations.
Avoid use of 1st person.
1i?? margins.
Present a solid conclusion.
Include a Works Cited page, which includes your principle and secondary sources.
Minimum of 5 sources.
Use MLA format
Grade is based on following above instructions and
1) Insightful comments
2) How solidly your points have been supported in the essay without retelling plot
3) Clear organization
4) Edited for clarity, direction, free of grammar errors.
5) Last name + number for pagination on the upper right hand corner of every page, MLA heading for the first page (no coversheet)

Possible ways to fulfill the assignment:

A .This would be a book review or film review, see below for instructions: