After shave gel with acne treatment and with aloe vera for moisturizer

This paper is for make-up..Because I missed several chemical enginnering project meeting.. (group work)
Our topic was after shave gel with acne treatment and with aloe vera for moisturizer.
the professor wanted to write a paper about that.(because I missed the group work often;;)
She wanted to have these sections:
1. Based on the questions the audience and I asked, what modifications would you like to make to the product idea? a I Think they want me to write in more detail information(I will put the project slides)
possible improvement: encapsulation(because they said Benzoyl Peroxide is not easily combined with other chemcial species)
here is site what I found sol-gel-encapsulation

2. What are the next steps necssary to manufacture your product and start selling it? a start to with small amount in the lab and tries to the animal.(not sure about this part)
3. What have you learned overall from this design experience anything you would do differently?

I will put what I wrote until today(it is around one page), if you want to look...

also at the above what I add up,, if you think you dont need, you dont care.

and for the source..(No Bibliography)
you dont need to do bibliography and citation..
I just want you to cites(with ”()”) where you get from right after the sentences..