Against schoolby gatto, whats the purpose o educationform of letter

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support a thesis using credible and adequate source material;
engage in a dialogue with a text, integrating their own ideas with those of
construct a logical, well-supported argument;
consider multiple viewpoints in their writing, acknowledging different ways
of looking at things.
demonstrate an understanding of audience and purpose, including but not
limited to the development of academic tone;
quote, paraphrase, and summarize a text.

For this essay, imagine that an unhappy high school student has asked you
what you think the point of school is. Write your response in the form of a
letter (you may write to a specific person that you know, or you may make
up a name). Since we are reading John Taylor Gattoas essay a?Against
School,a? use it to respond to the question.

Your essay should answer these questions: What should the purpose of
education be? According to Gatto, what is the purpose of high school as it
currently exists? Based on what you know, to what extent is his argument

To write this essay, you will need to understand Gattoas argument and then
use details and quotations from it to answer the high schooleras question.
If you agree with Gatto, why? If not, why not? Do you agree with some
points and not others? Why? Introduce Gatto in your introduction or early
on in the body of your essay. Make sure you spend some time explaining what
Gattoas argument actually is so that your audience can follow your ideas.
As you answer the high schooleras question, you may use a story or two from
your own experience or the experiences of those you know. First person
(using a?Ia?) in this essay is acceptable. Your thesis statement will answer
the question a?what should the purpose of education be?a?

Cite the Gatto essay according to MLA format, including a Works Cited page
and in-text citations