Agencies working with children and families.

agencies working with children and families


A key driving principle behine Every Child Matters (DFES 2003), and the children act 2004, is to create a single integrated service for children and young people covering education, social care and health, ( Pugh and Duffy) (eds) (2006:21)

Critically analyse the above quotation in order to discuss the importance of effective mulit-agency provision which supports the needs of children and families. You should demonstrate your knownledge and understanding of what is meant by multi-agency provision, the benfits and barriers of effective multi agency provision and discuss a range of agencies from the statutory and voluntary sector and analyse how they could support children and families who have specific difficulties.
You should refer to a range of literature, legislation and research to support your work. (3000 words)

This whole essay should also meet these requirements:
A1: Identify yhr range of agencies with legitimate interest in Early years provision, including statutory, non-statutory, volunty and private sector.

A2: Identify the roles and responsibilities of agency personal in devloping and contributing to inclusive early years provision.
A3: Demonstrate an understanding of the legal and regulatory frameworks affecting agencies.
A4: Idenitfy and explain stutory, voluntry and private organisational response to contemporary social and economic issues.

A5: Analyse key issues influencing provision in the agency environment.
A6: Evaluate early years provision against current provision and predicted future need.
A7: Outline and critique legislation influencing both provision and concepts of quality.
A8: Articulate how agencies interact and build partnerships with parents/carers
written in harvard style of referencing.
here are books which should be mentioned,
1) foley, p etal (eds) (2001) children in society, basingstoke: the open university.
2) horton, c. (ed) (2004) working with children 2004-05 london: society guardian.
3) hm government (2006) working together to safeguard childrena guide to inter-agency working to safeguard and promote the welfare of children London: Hm government ( available to download)
4) yeo, a and lovell t (2001) sociology and social policy 2nd edition london, hodder and stoughton.
5) dfes (2004) the children act london: the stationary office
6) dfes every child matters
7) dfes (2004) every child matters cahnge for children.
8) dfes(2004) the children act.
9) dept of health children act 1989.
10) dept of health (2002) assessing children in need and their families
11)jones l, holmes r, powell j. (ed) (2005) early childhood studies: a multi professional perspective maidenhead:open univeristy press.
12) makins v (1997) not just a nursery….multi-agency early years centres in action. national childrens bureau.
13) pugh, gillian (2001) contemporary issues in the early years.
14) roaf, c. 2001. co-ordinating services for included children : joined up action buckingham:oup
15) wigfall v and moss p (2001) more than the sum of its parts? a study of a multi aganecy care network london:ncb.

journals children in society, childhood, children now, community care, interplay, 0-19
webisties which will help

i have many more names of books if they are needed.