Agency visit project. the international center in the University of Missouri, columbia

The paper for your agency visit should be approximately 3-5 pages (double spaced, 1 inch margins, 12 point times new Roman or equivalent font), and should record your observations, thoughts, questions, critiques, perceptions, evaluations ai??i?? whatever information and impressions you took away from this visit. You can use the questions that were on the handout as a guideline, but since each agency is different, really let the agency and its services or programs be your guide. I want to know what you learned about the role it plays in protecting/promoting public health and serving the needs of immigrant and foreign born members of the community in particular. Be sure to discuss your perceptions of how effective you think this agency might be (I realize this is very subjective, but consider things about ease of accessing the information or services, how welcoming the agency staff seemed, the general atmosphere and attitudes that you encountered.)
Your paper should be written in the first person (what you observed, what you thought); I want to hear about your experience and what you learned. If you want to connect it to anything you have read, anything we discussed in class, that is fine but outside sources are not a requirement.
It should be well-written (e.g. complete sentences, correct spelling & grammar) but it is meant to be a reflection on what you learned rather than a research paper.