A?If the state becomes a major source of threat to its citizens, does it thereby undermine the prime justification for its existence?a (Buzan)

Outlining and advocating a clear thesis. You need to demonstrate an informed position on the chosen question and make the case for it, by employing the findings of other academics and making use of empirical examples. You are expected to consider the shortcomings of opposing views. This assignment evaluates your critical thinking and research abilities. It is a succinct paper, please get straight to the point and outline both theoretically and empirical points, supported by EVIDENCE AND EXAMPLES ( syria might be a good example). A thesis, introduction, main part, and conclusion is needed. PLEASE do not merely inform but advocate a position by acknowledging the opposing views. Thank you!

Referencing Requirements:
The Essay Title, is chosen from Buzan and Hensens book The Evolution of International Security Studies”, so please make this your primary source, and please use books ONLY, NO websites or internet sources. And also Williams Security Studies: An Introduction 2012 is a good source. ( you may use as many sources as you want)