Ain an understanding of Marx and apply the work of the theorist to a contemporary issue

Theorist to be used is MARX

The intention of the paper is to gain an understanding of the work of Marx, to apply the work of the theorist to a contemporary issue, to incorporate appropriate use of primary and secondary sources, and to develop arguments, introduction and conclusion, referencing and bibliography. At least one primary source is required and at least 3 references to
secondary sources.

Evaluation Criteria a Use Subheadings for these Categories
a) General Introduction. Describe the general intellectual and social context, which was present throughout the time of the authoras writing.

a)What were the general intents and purposes of the author in the writing of such a controversial text?
b) Discuss the basic themes, important questions and insights presented by the author in their quest for understanding society.
c) Comment on the authoras thesis
a) discuss the a?core conceptsa? defined.
b) discuss the authoras methodological and theoretical approach.

Apply a contemporary sociological issue (last 10 years) to the ideas this theorist presented.

Overall, in conclusion, how would you evaluate the sociological contributions made by the
author and his or her work?

Overall organization of paper, writing style, grammar and references