Air dryer: find out how and why it works (explaining the physics behind how it works)

Hair dryer: find out how and why it works. Then you will write a two (2) page paper, double spaced, 12 pt font, explaining the physics behind how it works. In the words of Louis Bloomfield, I dont want the best paper ever written on the topic; I want the best paper that the student can write in his or her own words.This paper may raise more questions than it answers, but thats fine in fact, I prefer it that way.
Keep your paper simple. For example, dont try to explain everything about a television, but concentrate on just one feature of it, like the remote control, or the screen. Imagine youre writing this paper for someone else in this class so they know a little physics but are not necessarily an expert in science.

This is what my professor want me to write down about the hair dryer. I need to have 3 internet sources to work cited page.