Air pollution come along with urban development

this is a controversy analysis,the thesis is a question.
the main features are
1.Presents many different arguments to the question
2.It presents research and answers the thesis question fairly and thoroughly.
3.It examines how the arguments speak to each other.
4.It analyzes the arguments to show strengths and weaknesses

instructions for each paragraph:
For the introduction paragraph, there should be a thesis at the end of this paragraph. The thesis is a question: air pollution is a serious topic right now, should we stop urban development to protect our atmosphere?

Then a connection paragraph, briefly summarize the current air pollution situation and its relationship with the urban development.

For the body paragraphs
Totally six body paragraphs, each paragraph should have an argument about the thesis problem. Each paragraph includes the one of the six documents I provided. Use the information in those documents to support the argument and to present research and answers about the thesis question.

For conclusion, summarize all the arguments discussed in the body paragraphs