1) the paper requires THREE outside sources, plus your in-class sources. The sources need to be scholarly sources and you are welcome to use more than three. Scholarly sources do not include newspaper articles, documentaries or any other non-academic source. They must be either a scholarly article or a book. I would suggest looking on google scholar to find sources.
2) Your introduction should state what the paper will be about and what your main argument is. The rest of the paper should work to build this argument and a good rule to follow is if you have information in the paper that has nothing to do with your argument or does nothing to back it up, take it out. I would recommend writing an outline to keep your paper from veering away from the argument and topic.
3) Your conclusion should simply summarize what you have said throughout the paper and state your argument one more time.
4) Proofread! Read your paper outloud and make sure your sentences are well organized, proofread and well written.
5)Cite your sources using the same citation style throughout MLA, Chicago, etc. Even if you paraphrase, cite the source