Akashikaikyo bridge (pearl bridge), japan


The research is actually 12 pages long. We are three students writing it so each will be doing 4 pages.

-For my part I should be writing about why they chose to built the akashi bridge as a suspension bridge type and what are the social and economical benefits of building it.
-Problems faced when building it ( the hyogo-ken nanbu earthequake in 1995) technical problems, and if there were any problems they faced when they decided to make the bridge.
-The architecture of the akashi bridge.
-The maintanance, safety and how its built to with stand earthquakes and winds (here i should not be writing about the design of suspension bridges, there is a difference in building a suspension bridge in places where there are no eartheqaukes and a place where earthequakes occur, this part is about the specifications for design of the honshu shikoku bridges espacially the akashi bridge, storm system )

English is my second langauge, i dont speak english fluently so the essay should be complicated. iam doing egineering but the essay is for an english class, i want the essay to be easy to understand for a person who is not doing engineering.

please dont do copying, i have previously done 2 essays with master papers sometimes whole paragraphs are copied!

thank you