Alai Lamas Ethics and the New Genetics.a?

The Dalai Lama discusses many consequential effects of modern science and technology on the future of humankind in his chapter A?a ¬A Ethics and the New Genetics.A?a ¬A? Defend or challenge the Dalai Lamas arguments for the involvement of ethics and ethical awareness with regard to the present and future role of The new genetics.What advancements in technology or scientific research is the Dalai Lama addressing? Where does ethics come into play with regard to genetic engineering? Should ethics be considered in scientific endeavorsA?a ¬a?for what purpose? What does the Dalai Lama suggest by balancing knowledge and power with responsibility? How does religion complicate the Dalai LamaA?a ¬a ?s arguments? What ”key factorsdoes the Dalai Lama say Our ethical responsemust include?..This is my instructors prompt. Please choose a side and defend it well. You do not have to answer all of the questions asked in the prompt only ones that are fit to defend which side you choose. I ask that you do not use the words, firstly, secondly, in conclusion, and please donA?a ¬a ?t not write A?a ¬A this paper will talk about...A?a ¬A? Thesis must be the ending sentence in the first paragraph of the intro..per teachers request. You may use 2 sources which include this one and another reading. The first one is the Dalai Lama, Ethics and the New Genetics and the second is SingerA?a ¬a ?s A?a ¬A Visible Man: Ethics in a World Without Secrets.A?a ¬A? The second could be found online. The first one I will email you a picture of because it cant be found online. Please use more than 5 quotes in paper. Also per teachers request.