Alcohol and drug policy (social policy in ireland)

Students in third level education have been identified as a population at risk of heavy drinking. In line with national alcohol policy strategy Irish colleges were invited to develop their own alcohol policies.

Write a critique of University College Dublin s Alcohol Policy.

Your critique should take account of and reference appropriately reports, articles, books that you think will support your argument.

Four required readings are listed below with links to online access as well as a link to the UCD Policy on Alcohol.

Word limit: 700 words.

In this assignment we are looking for:
An understanding of the rationale for developing a college alcohol policy
Comments about the actual policy, for example; are the measures it proposes in line with the evidence about what works; are the consequences clear and enforceable.
Is the policy working in UCD; support your comments with some examples.
Evidence of reading the assigned material

UCD Policy on Alcohol

The Health of Irish Students (2005)

WHO (2009) Evidence of the effectiveness and cost  effectiveness of interventions to reduce alcohol related harm.


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