Alcohol, cardiovascular disease and genetic modification

from Admin total number of sources : is 30. customer has 14 already. you need to find 15 more. pls ask if you have questions.

this written assignment is meant to be a review of a topic on a food bioactive or nutrient on a health outcome with a focus on studies that have explored potential genetic modifiers of the effect.
My topic will be on the alcohols effect on cardiovascular disease and the genetic modifier of the alcohol metabolism (ADH gene and CYP2E1 gene)

I want:
about 250 words on introduction about the issue
450 words introduce relevent background information about alcohol, cardiovascular disease and potential genetic modifier (ADH and CYP2E1)
550 introduce research study findings in vitro, vivo and human studies
300 discuss mechanism of alcohols effect on cardiovascular disease and how the gene can affect
400 words discuss further thoughts about the issue
200 words conclusion.