Alfway House Effect in Community Based Correction

The design of the study should be clear and concise which begings with a selection of a topic or problem to be studied( HALFWAY HOUSE EFFECT IN COMMUNITY BASED CORRECTION NEEDS A CLOSER EXAMINATION). This is the focus of the study, which is the central concept under examination. Here, document the problem to be studied with a clear indication that it is a problem. This willinclude the following: statement of the problem, statistics from documented sources and literature supporting that a problme does exist, purpose of the program, how the program will interface with the community.
1. Introduction of the Problem Statement
2. Thesis Statement: def of the abstract terms
3. Problem Statement: incidence and prev alence of problem(, ie, national, state, and local), importance of addressing problem, what groups are impacted by the problem most and societal ramifications, and what would happen if nothing is done.
4. Goal & Objectives (Theories that will be looked at)