Alis Christ of St.John Religion and Art

1) You will study one work of religious art which is Dalis painting of Christ ST.John

2) You will describe the main artistic characteristics of the work(s): general concept, composition, structure, colors, ornementation, layout etc…

3) You will situate this/these works in its/their historical context. When? for What purpose? by Whom? Under Which influence(s)? etc.

4) You will explain the connections of this/these works to the religion from which it/they spring(s). In other words how is the particular religious worldview reflected in the work of art?

5) You will relate the work/works to at least two articles/books that we have read and discussed in class. In othe words you will show how at least two of the ideas/principles/views we have encountered apply to the work(s) you are studying. Please be specific in referencing these ideas.

6) You will carefully reference your quotations and paraphrases and provide a bibliography.

7) You will include illustrations.