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The paper is looking for clear comprehension of the authoras arguments. Make sure to cite their workby putting their workin quotations and providing in text citations, e.g. (Park, 24). You need to focus on drawing from the texts to support your arguments while explaining the points accurately and concisely. Several of you are still paraphrasing or describing the authoras work as if they are your ideas, e.g., a?Korean immigrant manicurists engage in a body labor of subservience and docility because their clients engage with them through a model minority construction.a? You need to say: a?According to Miliann Kang, Korean immigrant manicuristsa¦.a?
Also, copya?pasting from the internet is plagiarizing. Donat do it! Safe Assign shows us the exact cite and highlights the copy/pasted material word-A­a?for-A­a?word, as well as your classmatesa papers.

1. John Arena, in Driven from New Orleans, provides us with a very detailed narrative of privatization and gentrification of the New Orleans Riverfront region for tourism. He begins with a historical look at the struggle over public housing, the role of public housing resident activists, and the strategic process of undermining resistance against the demolition of the historic St. Thomas public housing community. Central to his examination is the role of the nonA­a?profit industrial complex negotiating the relationship between public housing leaders and the Black urban regime under neoliberal logics of capitalism. According to John Arena: who wins and loses with gentrification? Why was the struggle for public housing in New Orleans such a hard fought battle?
How did Hurricane Katrina impact city leadersa desires for further corporate/private development?
3 double-A­a?spaced pages.

2. Joan Acker, in Class Questions, Feminist Answers discusses the systematic perpetuation of inequality regimes within the age of neoliberal ascendancy that legitimizes and rationalizes hierarchies and class disparities. Utilizing this framework, please choose one issue we have examined in this class to show how inequality regimes have shaped the perpetuation of inequality based on race, class, gender, and/or citizenship. Some example issues can include wages, welfare, healthcare for immigrants, low-A­a?wage service work, or public housing.
**Big Hint **
-A­a?Lay out Ackeras notion of inequality regimes and neoliberal ascendancy -A­a? Choose a specific text to draw from i.e, The Politics of Disgust by Hancock,
Entitled to Nothing by Park, The Managed Hand by Kang, or Driven from
New Orleans by Arena
-A­a?Choose a specific element within your chosen text to focus on. Discuss how your specific element is an example of Ackeras notion of inequality regime.
3 Double-A­a?spaced pages.