Allyu: Korean Wave Sweeping Across East Asia

ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS FOR MY INTERNATIONAL MASS MEDIACLASS: This is a foreign media outlet/market report. Students will work on collecting fresh data and researching current issues concerning a major non-US media product, outlet or market, and COMPARE IT TO AN EQUIVALENT US MEDIA PRODUCT, OUTLET, OR MARKET.
I have chosen a foreign media outlet: KOREAN WAVE. It is called Hallyu in Korean. Here is a quote from a research paper briefly describing Korean Wave: The a?Korean Wave,a? generally speaking, is surging huge popularity of Korean pop
culture, including television dramas, films, pop-music (hereafter, K-pop) and online games, in many parts of Asia, even in Japan. The term, Korean Wave, is officially indicated as the Korean pop cultureas attraction in the outside of Korean territory. Along with the Korean wave, the a?Hallyua? is also interchangeably used to explain this phenomenon (this quote is from The Nature of Nationalism in the a?Korean Wavea?: A Framing Analysis of News Coverage about Korean Pop Culture by Hyejung Ju).
I want to compare the Korean Wave to Hollywood.

There should be 7 pages (double spaced) of written material.