Amage awards should be capped for product liability suits

In addition, there is one other deliverable date noted on the Course Outline, which is an outline of, and introduction to, the paper.
The paper should be 8-10 pages in length, space and a half. Any footnotes/bibliography
is not included in the 8-10 page length and should be attached at the end of the paper.

This is my topicDamage awards should be capped for product liability suits.”

The paper should analyze the topic from both sides of the issue and must have a
a?Conclusiona? section with the studentas own thoughts, reasons and/or suggestions about
your point of view.

PLEASE NOTE: This project should be original work. Cutting and pasting in
significant amounts, especially without attribution to the author, is not acceptable. If you
do quote from a source, please follow proper citation rules.

This is my outline:

a? Introduction.
There are some corrupt or dangerous products may cause thousands of deaths every day.

A. Compensation for damages in a legal sense?
B. Who is responsible for product?
C. Who is harmed?
D. What kind of damages are?

a? Role of law in:

A. Consumer protection.
B. Company produced using sings is incorrect.

a? How is compensation for the damages?

a? Federal product liability of law.

a? How can I know about the product is defective?

a? Solutions.

please try to write the research paper as what I wrote in the outline I mean same strategyand add more info.