Amage on heart valves (physical & artificial) caused by bacteria

The structure of the dissertation should be like that:

1) Title page (Ill do this part)

2) Abstract (1 page long)
The abstract is the project report in miniature. It is a brief and comprehensive summary of the whole report. (So it will be much better if you write it at the end, up to you)

3) Table of contents ( Ill do this part)

4) Introduction (about 2-3 pages long)

5) Scope of the project (1 page long)
Epidimiology or any other general information might be included.

6) Analysis (25-32 pages)
At this part the following should be

Analysis of the disease (Infective Endocarditis)

Bacteria nature

Biofilm formation

The Immune system

Medicines and treatment

Gain a better understanding of the nature of the disease and those bacteria most common appear to be responsible for damage on the heart valves.

How those bacteria travel through the vessels to the heart valves and why the immune system is not responding effectively in all cases.

How biofilms form from those specific bacteria and why these bacteria affect the heart valves.

Why patients who have experienced Rheumatic-Fever in the past or have a damage from a past herat valve disease are in higher risk to develop infective endocarditis than those have never experienced a heart valve abnormality.

7) Discussion-Conclusion (4-6) pages

8) References

(It will be an advantage if you use researches
made in the past from other scientists)

General about this project and me: This is the second time I will have to represent this project.
First time I passed this project with just 40% because I lost a lot of marks because I did mistakes with references and some small parts of text that I didnt present them with my own words. So please pay extra attention on that and present any information from past research, book or web source with your own words and reference it properly.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help.

If you have any further questions please come in touch with me by email.

Make this project also according to the way you think is the best.


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