Aman Insurance: United Arab Emirates Official Entry Into Managed Care and the Future of Healthcare in the UAE

If you can work on this thesis outline:

THESIS TOPIC : Daman Insurance : UAEs Official Entry Into Managed Care and the Future of Healthcare in the United Arab Emirates

THESIS STATEMENT : A switch to managed care in the healthcare industry will help cut cost and will help improve the standards of patients care which puts pressure and burden to the UAE government.

I. Introduction
II. United Arab Emirates
A. All About UAE
B. The Seven Emirates of the UAE
III. Healthcare Services of the UAE
A. Perspective on the Healthcare System of UAE
1. Current Status of the Healthcare System
2. Financing of the Healthcare System
3. Privatization of the Healthcare System
4. Health Insurance
B. Government Health Agencies
1. Health Authority Abu Dhabi
2. Duabi Health Authority
3. Ministry of Health
IV. Daman Insurance National Health Insurance Co
A. All About Daman Insurance
1. Overview
2. Vision and Mission
3. Formation
B. Damans Services
C. Damans Products
1. Abu Dhabi Plan
2. UAE Plan
3. Regional Plan
4. International Plan
5. Global Plan
D. Partners of Daman Insurance
1. Munich RE insurance Company
2. Assist America
E. Measuring Damans Success
1. Satisfied Customers
2. Engaged Employess
3. Healthier Community
4. Growth and Expansion
V. Impact of Managed Care on the Healthcare Servic
A. Daman Insurance
B. Private Health Insurance
VI. Conclusions:
A. How Does Managed Care Help Cut Cost?
B. How Does Managed Care Help Improve the
Standards of Patients Care

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