Amas / Al Qaeda exploring contrasting directions on terrorism (this title can be changed)

I am required to do a 10,000 word dissertation on the following working title (which can be changed): Hamas / Al-Qaeda Exploring contrasting directions on terrorism. The aim of this piece is to critically review the existing research literature on both terrorist organisations. The objective will be to assess the degree to which differences emerge. Paying particular attention to how both groups are viewed and treated from a legal perspective and how they both contrast in tackling the issues facing them. Essentially, what makes one more acceptable or legitimate than the other? How different are they treated in the eyes of the law? and what factors (such as the different audiences the groups appeal to) contribute to this?

The deadline for this piece is May 2006. However, I am required to confirm the working title, introduction and 1st two chapters by the 25th Jan 2006!

Suggested outline is:

Contents page
Introduction [500 words]
(1st chapter) Background history on Hamas [1800 words] (2nd chapter) Background history on Al-Qaeda [1800 words] (3rd Chapter) Legal response to Hamas [1800 words] (4th Chapter) Legal response to Al-Qaeda [1800 words] (5th Chapter) Lessons learned, impact of various responses [1800 words] (6th Chapter) Brief conclusion [500 words] Bibliography

***PLEASE NOTE*** As this is for a Law degree, the title and content must reflect a legal analysis