Amas briefing: Issues for a just peace in israel-palestine

Please prepare a 2,000 word briefing paper on Hamas, hypothetically for the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs.

Provide an overview of the organisationas history, motivations, activities, demands, vision and role in the Israel-Palestine conflict and a potential resolution.

Examine the pros and cons of the Australian government engaging with Hamas in the context of achieving a just resolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Not too much information on Hamas background is needed.

Make the distinction at beginning of paper between the Hamas political wing and the Hamas terrorist group.

Point out:
(1) The extent of support Hamas has among Palestinians i.e. through the election of 2006;
(2) How Hamas sees the conflict should be resolved (Jerusalem, settlement, refugees etc) and where the common ground is between that and international law, U.N. perspective etc.

Then the bulk of the essay should focus on things like:
* How can Australia engage with Hamas?
* Why should Australia engage with Hamas?
* On dealing with groups that are considered to be terrorist groups and involving these groups in peace process a e.g. if you donat involve these groups in the peace process then they seek to destroy the process.
* Moral perspective. Why involve terrorist groups? Precedence: Northern Ireland, South Africa. If you litigate with these groups are they more likely to become more responsible?
* Australiaas principle concern with Hamas over the last decade has been violence and terrorism. If you look at last A? decade there has been no Hamas suicide bombings or terrorist activities.

Dedicate bulk of essay to issue of cost vs benefits

Do not rely on own comments but base on scholarly articles by other scholars on issues of dealing with political terrorist group, dealing with groups that are potential a?spoilersa, making more responsible groups,

Look for articles on conflict resolution and a?spoilersa.

Font: Times New Roman
Size: 12
Please use headings for different sections.

I have listed the required number of resources as 24 but I will leave it up to your discretion as to the actual number of scholarly resources used.

Please contact me if you require further information or clarification.

Many thanks.