American conseptual images , psychedelic posters

a? Expository (intended to explain or describe something)
The thesis statement should be in bold-faced type.
Use the source a Meggas History of Graphic Design 5th Edition a Mainly Chapter 22 The conceptual Image / Poster Mania / Psychedelic poster. Other sources should include at least one primary source, such as original documents, authoritative interviews, or analytical data based on interviews. Primary sources add immediacy and relevance to the research. Students whose primary sources are individuals should note in the text or annotate in the works cited entry the personas area of expertise. NOTE: Students should identify primary sources with boldfaced type in the list of works cited.
Examine research in terms of validity. This is especially important when using on-line sources.

Do not to rely solely on on-line sources.

Carefully document all research information you cite in your paper in a list of works cited at the end of the papers

Access the most recent edition of the CMS

Introduce topic with a concise thesis statement.
Have a clear, logical development, which supports the thesis statement
Have a strong, insightful conclusion
Demonstrate an appropriate balance of research and personal input (student synthesis of information)
Consistently use correct standard American English
Use at least five sources (with no general Encyclo/Wikipedia uses
Use at least one primary source
Have all sources cited in a footnote or endnote within the paper and in an optional bibliography at the end.
Have all sources on the works cited page noted with a footnoted (numbered) in the text of the paper