American culture and how it affected foreign cultures

please include an ENTHYMEME in the introduction!
do not use other sources than the ones below :
Whos culture is it, anyway?by Henry Louis Gates Jr, published on The new york timeson may 4, 1991
Why chinese mothers are superiorby Amy Chua, appeared in the january 8,2011 on the wall street journal.
The tiger mama syndromeby patricia j. williams The new world reader, gilbert.h.muller
Its a mall world after allMac Margolis, appeared on the december 5,2005, News week international
Does the world still care about american culture?Richard Pells, March 6, 2009, issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education
This is an ARGUMENTATIVE essay!
Use 3 quotes at least from those essays!!
double-spaced, using 12point Times New Roman font and 1a? margins.