American film ( Joan of Arc,1948 Directed by Victor Fleming)

This paper is for American film study class. this paper will be about “Joan of Arc, 1948,directed by Victor Fleming. (should watch 1948s film)

The paper should reflect my own analysis of the film in my own words, so please do not use any outside sources. (the professor strongly says that)


-First Paragraph: the first paragrapgh should contain a brief summary of the films narrative or story (about 100-150 words.) tells us what happens in the film. this should be in your own words. Do not repeat descriptions from other sources.

-Main body: the main body of your paper (1450 words, about 5 to 6 pages) should analyze the use of cinematography.

# Cinematography: Discuss how framing and camera movement as well as other choices by cinematographer affect our perceptions of the films narrative, characters, and/or meanings. Be sure to define or explain the terms you use

(our text book is The Art of Watching Films, 6th edition by Joseph M.Boggs and Dennis W. Petrie)
chapter 5 expains about this cinematograpghy.

conclusion: fianl paragraph (up to 200words) whould discuss some of kinds of meanings conveyed by the film and offer some conclusions about how cinematography conveys or affects those meanings.

double spaced, in Times New Roman, 12-point font.

Thank you!