American imperialism the subversion of latin american sovereignty (OPEN VEINS OF LATIN AMERICA BY EDUARDO GALEANO)

Each student must submit a final report on the groups works research findings of around 2,000 words. We have the opportunity to shine and bring our own analyis to the fore. We must include proper bibliography in alphabetical order by author. br /
I will upload the powerpoint presentation or prezi presentation so that you can see the presentation make a summary of the presentation and what is spoken about in the presentation and then focus on the two main parts that I had in the presentation which were the WORLD BANK and THE EXAMPLES OF POLITICAL POWER THROUGH GALEANO (IN THIS CASE BOLIVIA) br /
For this presentation we had to read OPEN VEINS OF LATIN AMERICA so many of our quotes and our background used for this particular presentation was this book written by eduardo galeano.