Ames and violence (social psycology topic)

i need to write a 5 pages journal its due on December 22nd.., the article should be based on an experimental study, or at least good survey data, whereby the researcher directly uses a reliable sample, collects and analizes the data, dicuss the findings, and draws a conclusion. the summary should be descriptive and expositry in form. the sumary must not be more then 5 pages in length and follow APA format.
guidline questions:

1what is the purpoe, basic concer/issue or goal of the study?
consider Independent and dependent variables of the study
what behavior was of primary concern
what is the main hypothesis

2what is the essential method of the syudy or reseach stragedy used in the study?
consider: the participants, its characteristics and size
the type of study, qualitative or quantitative,
experimental, correctional
how was the study carried out
what measures were used to quantify the
variables in the study

3what was the main effect, findings or results of the study?
consider: did the results support or reject the hypotesis?
how were theresults analized and by what
statistical procedure

4what conclusion (s) was drawn?
consider: can the results be generalized to similar or
other situations or conditions
what other relevant issues need to be
addressed based on past evidence of other
studies (this will be indicated in the
introduction of the study)
was there an issue you think was overlooked
by the research

5based on the overall study, what are the implications, fruitfulnes of the research.
consider: your own critical evaluation looking at the
methods, results, conclusion

does the study makes sense from your of
reference and lived experiences. what
would you change about the study? the
hypothesis, the participants, the method of
analysis, the conclusion.

Thank you