Amlet (A Critical Analysis)

The Critical Analysis
Paper specifications:
1. 700-1000 words (at least)
2. MLA format (parenthetical citation and a work cited
3. third person voice

In a critical analysis, the goal is to promote your interpretation of a chosen work. In essence, you are writing an argument/persuasive essay in which you attempt to convince your reader that your interpretation has validity. By researching other credible critical essays, you will be able to gain a more in-depth understanding of a work of literature. You may or may not agree with another writers interpretation. Thats fine. You are only using the research to support your interpretation. You may also use your research as a means of acknowledging the opposing view (**always remember to go back and refute that opposing view though).

***What I do not want you to do:
1. Make judgements about the quality of a work of literature. (For example: Walt Whitmans When I Heard the Learnd Astronomer is a well-written piece of poetry.”) Since the poem has been anthologized as literature, we already acknowledge it as exemplary.
2. Do not allow another writers point of view to take precedence over your voice. You are only to use your research to support what you say not to make your point for you. Remember, it is your interpretation I want to read about.

You may choose any work that we covered or will cover for your paper. You will need to research between 4-6 sources for this paper.