Amlet (Hamlets Changing attitude to Death)

Discuss Hamletas changing attitude to death. Hamlet must accept the control of a Higher Power, especially when it comes to his death. This will begin with his obvious death wish at the beginning of the play (Oh that this too too sullied flesh would melta¦a? and a?To be or not to bea? etc., continue on through the graveyard scene, and end with his recognition that a?the readiness is alla? (V, ii ), and there is a?special providence even in the fall of a sparrowa? (V, ii).

use a lot of short quotes. no floating quotes

read the background i am going to send before writing.

Your main a?sourcea? will be the play itself. Outside sources (which should be from the library databases) should only compliment, reinforce your interpretation and discussion. Do not make one criticas voice your primary focus.