Amlet: How is Laertes a foil character of Hamlet

Double Spaced. 12 font. 1margins. Citations are as follows (Act.Scene.Text) The only source needs to be the text. The paper needs to be about how Laertes is a foil character of Hamlet. What are some of their similarities and what are some differences.

I have a couple that you may wish to use. Both of them have love for Ophelia. Both of their fathers were murdered and seek revenge. Both of them had spies watch their movements (Laertes was spied upon by Reynaldo, Hamlet by Rosencrantz and Guildenstern) Hamlet is a thinker and Laertes is more action first thoughts later. Both of them ended up being killed by King Claudius. Just a few thoughts, Im sure you can come up with some better ones or add to the ones mentioned.

Also it needs to be plagiarism free, due to that it is for my graduating writing course.