Amlet Personal Response Incorporating Criticism

Personal Reflection

Write a personal narrative of your literary journey through Hamlet, which includes your response to the critical article(s) you read. Incorporate the following elements:

O NOTE: The bulk of your essay should involve your own response to, or reading of, the play itself, with specific passages from the text to support the ideas you gained from the critic and the class discussion to support your own response.

O You will narrate your response to the novel before you looked at the critic aspects you noticed, or thought were important, the effect of the play on you, etc. This will be just two sentences or so.

O You will briefly discuss the reasons you chose the critical essays did it involve a new topic or something about which you had thought before?

O You will discuss your response to the critical essays, explaining how they affected your reading of the play did they enhance your reading? Did you find the critics ideas to be wrongheaded or inadequate?

O You will incorporate a quote from the articles into your essay.

O If you read two articles, mention both of them and include a quote from each.

O You must discuss how the critics shaped your understanding of the play. You may enlarge your view and modify your own reading in response to the critics, or you may disagree with the critics and adjust your stance to manifest this disagreement.

O Write a conclusion in which you reflect on the experience of enlarging your reading of the novel by looking at a critical article and participating in the class discussion.

O Be sure to cite your quotes correctly using internal citations.