Amlet, Prince of Denmark: Shakespeares philosophy of life second essay

When Shakespeare has the gravedigger unearth the remains of Yorick and say, Alas, poor Yorick. I knew him well,Shakespare is making a serious comment on life and its meaning.
Assignment Directions:

In an essay of 300-500 words, interpret Shakespeares philosophy of life and what we consider important, such as family, possessions, wealth, health, etc. Only discuss the significance of the remains.

the thesis sentence Hamlets reference to Yorick reflects Shakespeares philosophy of life because X, Y, and Z.

Notice that made your thesis sentence clearer and Ive added letters. Each main point represents a main point that your body paragraphs should cover in-depth. Three main points is a manageable number of main points to cover in an assignment like this. Heres what I mean:

Introduction, with a thesis sentence at the end of it

Body paragraph #1, should be about X (family)

Body paragraph #2, should be about Y (wealth)

Body paragraph #3, should be about Z (health)


Your body paragraphs should each be about one main point in your thesis sentence.

Once you decide on a main idea/thesis, you can shape your essay around that controlling idea. Your body paragraphs should say more about the main points that you establish in your thesis sentence.

You should devote a paragraph to support each of your main points. Use explanations and examples of what you mean in support.
Decide on a narrow main idea/thesis and write it in one clear thesis sentence.